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MFC Global Investment Management periodical

Someone's up-market magazine design, created with Manulife's Laurie McPhail, defined the style and positioning of this series of investment insight publications, and included design of the complete first edition, templates for the book and its complex charts and graphs styling, and a detailed style guide to preserve the identity, while supporting ongoing production via MFC Global's in-house team. Someone continues to provide specialty photography and charts design for subsequent issues.

0111-MFC-Style guide0111-MFC-Style guide0111-MFC-Style guide0111-MFC-Style guide0111-MFC-Style guide0111-MFC-Style guide0111-MFC-Style guide


Manulife Investments – Simplicity Statements

A key piece of the Simplicity launch for Manulife Investments, this statement presented the distinct up-market positioning of Simplicity and the over-arching Manulife Investments brand, in one of very few customer-facing situations encountered in the financial industry's business-to-business environment. Someone developed the standardized template to manage all conceivable scenarios for hard-coding into database delivery systems that output large volumes of personalized reports.

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Manulife Investments – Simplicity Product Launch

For this upmarket product launch – a sub-brand campaign – Someone employed and extended Manulife Investments brand standards. The campaign wan an award, for the best new product marketing campaign, Canadian Investments Awards, 2005. Deborah Barnett and Someone created the style with Manulife's in-house marketing teams, creating all aspects of the visual brand – wordmark, colour palette, print collateral and online presence for the launch campaign in French and English.

0001-DBs Jobs-TMK262-Simplicity Advisor kit0001-DBs Jobs-TMK262-Simplicity Advisor kit0001-DBs Jobs-TMK262-Simplicity Advisor kit0001-DBs Jobs-TMK262-Simplicity Advisor kit0001-DBs Jobs-TMK262-Simplicity Advisor kit


Manulife Investments – Brand Startup

Working with Deborah Barnett Design, Someone put together the entire brand campaign for what was, at the time, a new  subsidiary of the Manulife Financial powerhouse - Manulife Investments. Our job was to deliver a distinct, confident, forward thinking, innovative, and customer-centric brand positioning including style, attitude, positioning, colour, typography, and photographic library, cataloged and codified for the entire brand, across media, and captured in detailed brand guidelines to maintain brand cohesion in multi-studio rollout. 

0001-DBs Jobs-MI-StyleGuideFrontMatter0001-DBs Jobs-MI-StyleGuideFrontMatter0001-DBs Jobs-MI-StyleGuideFrontMatter0001-DBs Jobs-MI-StyleGuideFrontMatter0001-DBs Jobs-MI-StyleGuideFrontMatter0001-DBs Jobs-MI-StyleGuideFrontMatter


IA Clarington Basic Guide to Cash Distribution Funds

This project, along with work online and in print advertising, was part of a transitional brand campaign to help bring a new standard to the quality and boldness of Clarington in the early days of its merger with Industrial Alliance. Someone produced more than a dozen pieces of key collateral, while standardizing and codifying the style across media. See ads, v1 calculator, current interactive calculator



WIFT-T Canadian Filmmaker

This project was a great opportunity to support women in the arts and Canadian Filmmakers. The site, Someone's first Joomla CMS production, allowed designates of Women in Film and Television - Toronto and the Director's Guild of Canada to have complete control over updating and refreshing web content and offered advanced features to help build an online community of interest. The live site is at canadianfilmmaker.com.



IA Clarington Interactive Tool v1

An intermediate stage of the mini site developed to promote IA Clarington's Canadian Conservative Equity Fund, the calculator provided an interactive example of the benefits of investing in dividend funds. The final Someone solution, also in Portfolio, contains a link to a live demo of site, which displays programmed integration of PHP to SWF charts application, to work with a MySQL database of fund and competitive benchmark data spanning more than 50 years. See ads, current interactive calculatorcollateral 



IA Clarington Interactive Tool

With more than 50 years of data in hand for the IA Clarington Canadian Conservative Equity Fund, Someone delivered this calculator, in a dynamic interactive Flash site for advisors and their clients, showing the effect of consistent management over a half century.  "Someone's professional and creative team has delivered attention to detail in very cost effective solutions." Dominic Plante, CFA, Product Manager, IA Clarington Click here to take a look at the site. See ads, v1 calculator, collateral



IA Clarington Advertising Campaign

This ad was created for national trade advertising to begin the process of launching the merged brand for Industrial Alliance and Clarington, and to promote their mutual fund products and services. The ads were placed nationally with a full page in Advisor's Edge via a co-op ad program. See v1 calculator, current interactive calculatorcollateral



Quince – Restaurant Visual Identity

Produced for the launch of Quince, a fine-dining establishment on Yonge Street in Toronto, Someone created a complete visual identity and brand package, including logotype, colours, street-facing signage, and menu systems. Naturally, the materials needed to stand up to repeat handling in dining circumstances. The graphics were designed to align with interior design aspects in simultaneous production for the restaurant launch, and to allow easy and cost effective updates, so Quince's celebrated chef and staff could update menus as needed.



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