Someones have designed and produced thousands of projects over the years. Trip through the list below, or use the links at the right to view projects by category. We'll be adding items frequently, so check back often.

Institute for Computer Studies

Click Here, to see a demo of the design system for this site, designed to be delivered via Domino back-end. This site was developed to create a student portal, and at the same time to deliver high impact for new users. The Flash intro and portal-styled front page, were delivered via a modular element that could change to accommodate campaigns or new functionality.

0000-DBs Jobs ICS website0000-DBs Jobs ICS website0000-DBs Jobs ICS website


Fidelity Investments Canada – Collateral Brochures

During her tenure as Creative Director at Fidelity Investments Canada, Deborah (along with Susan Wilson, also at Fidelity, and the team at Overdrive) developed the design system to deliver, on-brand, a wide range of product collateral materials like these, aligned, yet with distinctive evocative positioning for each product segment.

0000-DBs Jobs-FICL-ProductBrochures0000-DBs Jobs-FICL-ProductBrochures0000-DBs Jobs-FICL-ProductBrochures


Fidelity Investments Canada – Team Canada

While working as Creative Director at Fidelity Investments Canada, Deborah developed this campaign with her in house studio colleague Susan Wilson, and the team at Overdrive in Toronto. An award winner – taking a Silver for investment marketing – the campaign was designed for high impact and cut-through messaging.

0000-DBs Jobs-FICLTeamCanada0000-DBs Jobs-FICLTeamCanada0000-DBs Jobs-FICLTeamCanada

InnerAccess Trade Ads

Prior to our formation as Someone, our core team created these ads for InnerAccess, a producer of software linking legacy mainframes with microcomputer front-end capabilities. The ads ran across Canada and the US in IT/IS trade magazines. Part of Someone;s strategic, integrated, ground-up campaign, the brand was developed for advertising, trade show booths and presentations, print collateral and web site, using a mix of custom photography alongside a library of rights-managed and royalty-free images.



Fidelity Investments Canada – Trade Advertising

Deborah provided creative direction and art direction of these ads, while working client-side as Creative Director at Fidelity Investments Canada. The campaign ran in national financial trade magazines.

0000-DBs Jobs-FICLTradeAdvertising0000-DBs Jobs-FICLTradeAdvertising0000-DBs Jobs-FICLTradeAdvertising


Royal LePage Relocation Services – Brand Advertising 2008

Someone developed this ad as a key component of brand materials we developed for Royal LePage Relocation Services for roll-out throughout 2008. Someone developed the creative and art to speak directly to key stakeholders, reinforcing the redesigned brand to position RLRS' team participants, and the organization itself, as leaders who clearly understand their customers.



Royal LePage Relocation Services – Targeted Advertising 2007

Someone developed this series of ads as further extension of the brand campaign created for Royal LePage Relocation Services and launched in 2007. This series focused attention on market leader RLRS, spot-lighting the relocation specialist's proven abilities to identify and respond to client's needs – locally, nationally and internationally.



Royal LePage Relocation Services – Brand Advertising 2007

Someone designed this series of ads to align with the creative rebranding work accomplished with the team at Royal LePage Relocation Services. A highly effective, long running trade advertising campaign, Someone developed the ads from the ground up, with new creative, art, design and branding to target their human resources audience.



Fidelity Investments Canada – Getting Good Advice

This campaign was an extension of the creative system Deborah developed when she was the Creative Director at Fidelity. The photography was entirely from a completely original and proprietary library developed with photographer Robin Wong.

0000-DBs Jobs-FICL_get_gd_adv_estateplan0000-DBs Jobs-FICL_get_gd_adv_estateplan0000-DBs Jobs-FICL_get_gd_adv_estateplan


Manulife Investments MIX Roadshow

Deborah Barnett and Someone produced branding and the promotional front end to the registration website, created to launch the roadshow campaign for the MIX series of funds from the brand new subsidiary, Manulife Investments. Developed with music, distinctive design and interactivity, to encourage advisors to easily pre-register for the events across Canada, via fax and online, it was promoted with a six-colour print invitation and online email blasts. Check out a demo of the site (original Somone soundtrack!) here.

0001-DBs Jobs-MIX-MIX_FlashRoadshow0001-DBs Jobs-MIX-MIX_FlashRoadshow0001-DBs Jobs-MIX-MIX_FlashRoadshow0001-DBs Jobs-MIX-MIX_FlashRoadshow0001-DBs Jobs-MIX-MIX_FlashRoadshow


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