Someones have designed and produced thousands of projects over the years. Trip through the list below, or use the links at the right to view projects by category. We'll be adding items frequently, so check back often.

Foster Child Play

Alex Napier of Island School Group came to Someone in the summer of 2010 looking for the creation of a large typographic poster that would stand out as something completely unique and cut-through.

Printed from a piece of cardboard cut on an angle, and mounted directly onto bed-plate, the texture in the pink background block was created by the flutes within the cardboard, delivering connotations of hand-made and industrial. The type: one of Someone's largest wood type with hand set Jefferson Gothic. Take a look at the full story here.



Training Long Distance with Flash and Powerpoint

In September 2010, Someone provided a key piece of a training campaign for front line CAA representatives, to better understand and communicate features and benefits of Manulife Financial's insurance programs. The animated solution employs Flash to deliver information point by point – guaranteed to capture attention and provide easy access to frequently asked questions.



The Card's a Keeper!

Not a bad way to stay top of mind, and remembered in the crucial moments, by ad executives, creative studio directors, art directors, and marketing creatives everywhere! Touchwood will get noticed, and their cards, produced at Someone, with deeply impressed letterpress in two coiours on one side and flashy, shiny thermography on the other, will be touched, talked about, kept, and even left around on the desks of the recipients – front and centre, as conversation pieces. Check out the story here.



Debby Shapero Propp - Barrister & Solicitor

Debby Shapiro Propp needed an identity that would position her firm's legal services as formidable, professional and accessible. Someone employed Gill Sans light for its stylish attitude and precision connotations. For the story, see Case Study.



Promoting Yoga Centre in Cabbagetown

Seasonally, Someone works with The Union Yoga Centre to promote the high quality of its teachers and their distinctive approaches and styles of yoga, by distributing flyers door to door in the Cabbagetown community. Someone's letterpress printing and brand-sensitive design adds distinction. Proof of the effectiveness of the campaign is realized when area residents 'Return this flyer to the Union for a free class!'.



The Shore - First in Someone's Water series

Celebrated poet A. F Moritz contributed his poem The Shore, to lead the broadsides in Someone's fine print series Water. The broadside was printed for Nuit Blanche 2009. To know the whole story see The Shore.



RLRS event registration site

For their Government, Canadian Forces, and RCMP clients, Royal LePage Relocation Services hosts an annual Symposium to present information and trends, and to open a dialogue ensuring highest quality services to this sector. The bilingual website was built on the Joomla CMS base with a custom template, custom-built PHP components, and API integration to handle online registrations, process registration payments, and communicate Symposium details and agendas.



Provenance Regional Cuisine

Seeking the combined effect of careful design and integration of print, web and direct marketing, founder Alex Johnston of Provenance Regional Cuisine required a visual identity that would speak to his best customers and suppliers. We employed a series of agricultural engravings from our own collection of early 20th century copper and brass cuts combined with digital artwork (output as photo-polymer plates) for the hand-printed business cards, and extended into the identity online. For the story see: Provenance Regional Cuisine



Monograph as gift

Someone used traditional lead typesetting, augmented with contemporary design and plate-making technologies, to produce a significant one-off tribute – a fine press monograph as a gift, commemorating a special event for this discerning client.



MadProps – Yoga gift store identity launched

Someone worked with The Union Yoga Centre founder Maggie O’Connor to give her recently launched gift store an identity in Cabbagetown and online.



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