Someones have designed and produced thousands of projects over the years. Trip through the list below, or use the links at the right to view projects by category. We'll be adding items frequently, so check back often.

Posters for Arts' Sake

Posters and broadsides produced in the Someone studio over the past 60 days, capture and present creative ideas and images. Recent productions include a poster (now available) commemorating Marshall McLuhan's centenary, two broadsides in the someone:water series, a poster promoting the jazz accomplishments of Laila Biali, and a literary broadside celebrating two authors' dramatic poetry Throwdown in Ottawa!

Posters for Arts' SakePosters for Arts' SakePosters for Arts' SakePosters for Arts' Sake


Unique weddings, captured forever, shared online

Someone works with engaged couples and their families to capture the unique moment of your wedding celebration. Someone’s fine print and online skills position us perfectly to partner with your wedding planner, to deliver distinctive print invitations, and extend the event identity seamlessly online, to capture replies, provide directions and post online galleries of the proceedings.



Alcatel Lucent at the World Economic Forum

For the 2011 World Economic Forum summit in Davos, tech leader Alcatel Lucent required a solution to announce their presence, and communicate moment to moment updates. The site, leveraging the Joomla! content management system (CMS), was designed as a dashboard to push out RSS, YouTube, tweets, flickr and news releases. Someone's solution delivered content automatically, in near real-time, allowing participants to focus on the work at hand while the site delivered the message. Read more...



Printed delights for every occasion

At Someone.ca, design and print, paper, letterpress type and photopolymer plates offer creatives the opportunity to produce fine print products for sale online and in the store at 1691 Dundas Street West in Toronto. Products change up to suit the season and range from fine print gifts, birthday cards, posters and ephemera for special occasions, to printed momentos and memorabilia. To see more of what we've been up to – check out the Sidelines / Recent work section at someone.ca



Alcatel Lucent News Center

Built to deliver all things news for technology leader Alcatel Lucent and to integrate with the parent site. The news center pulls fresh content from a dozen sources, from YouTube to Twitter, to multiple types of RSS feeds from across the company's web platform. The underlying structure leverages the Joomla CMS, a custom template, modified feed-readers with some custom development to put it all together. The site itself is a low-to-no maintenance solution practically running itself, while remaining current at all times. Read more...



Stewart Goodyear, rising star

Stewart Goodyear is a concert pianist booked years ahead, performing world-wide to thrilled audiences and rave reviews. Creating Stewart’s web site for launch in January 2011, Someone regularly evolves Stewart’s visibiity strategy online, maintaining updates to capture and share buzz, performance schedule, and social media connections.



A studio, not a Museum

Fall 2010, has provided big changes for Someone.

Someone is opening a studio where we can share our letterpress printing operation: presses and type; original gifts, cards, and wrap; vintage literary press ephemera to excite discerning publishing enthusiasts. We've also opened our doors to two fabulous new presses. Someone, at 1691 Dundas Street West in Toronto, is not a museum, even if the presses we run are 100 years old! Find out more about the new store here.



Gifted a Challenge Gordon

Bigger than a puppy, and likely more than a century old - Someone was given the gift of two 'new' presses. While we're busy with web and print design work, opening the store and general seasonal bliss – we're also in the midst of a restoration project, getting the two presses up and running. Take a look at the story and photos here.

0000-Gifted a Gordon


Sending Thanks

During the Fall 2010, Someone moved 20000 pounds of type and presses from the downtown east side of Toronto and two additional presses from a dank basement in Caledon Ontario, to assemble their fine printing, web and design studio, opening this season on Dundas Street West.

The Herculean adventure was supported by a creative and courageous crew. 'Thank you!' – uttered a thousand times, inspired these cards. We'll use them, and have made more to share – available online here.

0000-Someone Thank You Cards0000-Someone Thank You Cards0000-Someone Thank You Cards


9 Days of Something at Someone

Come to 9 days of something at someone. Meet other discerning graphic art lovers and someone's long time collaborators, artists, writers and print aficionados. Stayed tuned for notice of special guest appearances and other holiday cheer. Read the whole story here.

December 16-24
Weekend days, noon-7pm
Weekdays, 2-7pm

9 Days of Something at Someone9 Days of Something at Someone9 Days of Something at Someone


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