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At Someone, creativity is unstoppable, even on the sidelines. Being creative means participating, generating, exploring, and contributing, and the creatives at Someone do all these things, even when they're not on the clock.

But the sideline work that comes out of the studio has its place in the world of business too; the projects that Someones do on the side result in new ideas, products,and technological solutions that benefit the larger collaborative community.

There's lots to work with in the studio at Someone, including a full blown letterpress shop that's producing limited edition prints, and a back list of limited edition printing that includes big name authors and image makers.

You'll find examples of our Studio Work in the portfolio.
  • What's Happening

    There's always creative work happening in the Someone studio. Find out about our current projects and goings' on in the articles below.

  • Recent Work

    Alongside our commercial work, Someone maintains a letterpress and type collection, collected over 35 years.

    We design, print and bind fine press books and ephemera with the participation of an authentic master printer and several well-seasoned apprentices. While the process is exacting and demanding, our fine print group is eager to publish and produce print collectibles, employing our museum-grade collection of lead and wood type and our secret stash of local and imported fine papers and archival leather.

    And at Someone, because we’re designers, we continuously explore the possibilities of merging old and new technologies to produce ‘original’ graphic products.


  • Back Catalog
  • Collaborations

    Someone builds its Sidelines projects collaboratively.

    Working together with creatives from a range of disciplines, Someone is developing new projects that bridge new and old media forms - in print and online. Search through the articles below to find out more about the amazing people behind these efforts.