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Details, details, there's something to be said for the minding of them. At Someone we bring decades of experience managing the small and fine points. With the same expert level of typographic design and production we apply to the design of books and magazines – we also create annual reports,  financial statements, application forms, customer statements, style guides and manuals for production and manufacturing. Let Someone build the team and then manage all the details.


Manulife Investments Financial Statements

These financial statements, reporting on the details of some 100 plus Segregated Funds, are produced twice a year, in two languages. All in all, the books run some 400 pages per language, per edition. The application of Someone's expert typographic design and masterful use of style sheets allow us to control all elements across these entire documents. A highly organized client group – plus our design team – managed by our time-saving processes and methods have enabled the client to benefit from cost reductions in every production cycle.


Simple Logic – Fidelity Investments Clearpath Statements

Designed by Someone for Simple Logic in Toronto, the design challenges presented when developing financial statements for mass production are increasingly significant when the document is to be customized for each recipient, populated with accurate updated totals and integrated into client-managed systems and databases. This Fidelity Investments Clear Path statement was delivered with a comprehensive style guide to allow the client's programmers to program the design for dynamic output and production.


Royal LePage Relocation Services – Collateral Materials

These materials tied into the corporate brand development Someone created for Royal LePage Relocation Services, allowing sales and senior executive to easily package and customize branded content for their clients and customers. With comprehensive typographic, graphic and colour palettes, online and in print, this design system continues to be extremely efficient and effective for communications in the two primary languages in Canada.


MFC Global Investment Management periodical

Someone's up-market magazine design, created with Manulife's Laurie McPhail, defined the style and positioning of this series of investment insight publications, and included design of the complete first edition, templates for the book and its complex charts and graphs styling, and a detailed style guide to preserve the identity, while supporting ongoing production via MFC Global's in-house team. Someone continues to provide specialty photography and charts design for subsequent issues.

0111-MFC-Style guide0111-MFC-Style guide0111-MFC-Style guide0111-MFC-Style guide0111-MFC-Style guide0111-MFC-Style guide0111-MFC-Style guide

Manulife Investments – Simplicity Statements

A key piece of the Simplicity launch for Manulife Investments, this statement presented the distinct up-market positioning of Simplicity and the over-arching Manulife Investments brand, in one of very few customer-facing situations encountered in the financial industry's business-to-business environment. Someone developed the standardized template to manage all conceivable scenarios for hard-coding into database delivery systems that output large volumes of personalized reports.

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