Someone News: Design, Events, Fine Press


Someone knows how to draw your clients to you in entertaining and compelling ways. We build interactive communication systems that guarantee attention:

  • Navigable designs to encourage your visitors to stay longer and read more;
  • Content management with expert SEO at your site, minisite, or interactive kiosk;
  • Point-of-interest portals to entire stories; and
  • Technical writing that is consistently accessible and expertly on-brand.

These functionalities are designed to target your clients' concerns and interests by providing two-way conversations combined with pertinent and direct access to the information they are searching for, setting you up as their logical place of business.

Read our examples of success, below.


Alcatel Lucent at the World Economic Forum

For the 2011 World Economic Forum summit in Davos, tech leader Alcatel Lucent required a solution to announce their presence, and communicate moment to moment updates. The site, leveraging the Joomla! content management system (CMS), was designed as a dashboard to push out RSS, YouTube, tweets, flickr and news releases. Someone's solution delivered content automatically, in near real-time, allowing participants to focus on the work at hand while the site delivered the message. Read more...


Alcatel Lucent News Center

Built to deliver all things news for technology leader Alcatel Lucent and to integrate with the parent site. The news center pulls fresh content from a dozen sources, from YouTube to Twitter, to multiple types of RSS feeds from across the company's web platform. The underlying structure leverages the Joomla CMS, a custom template, modified feed-readers with some custom development to put it all together. The site itself is a low-to-no maintenance solution practically running itself, while remaining current at all times. Read more...


Training Long Distance with Flash and Powerpoint

In September 2010, Someone provided a key piece of a training campaign for front line CAA representatives, to better understand and communicate features and benefits of Manulife Financial's insurance programs. The animated solution employs Flash to deliver information point by point – guaranteed to capture attention and provide easy access to frequently asked questions.


RLRS event registration site

For their Government, Canadian Forces, and RCMP clients, Royal LePage Relocation Services hosts an annual Symposium to present information and trends, and to open a dialogue ensuring highest quality services to this sector. The bilingual website was built on the Joomla CMS base with a custom template, custom-built PHP components, and API integration to handle online registrations, process registration payments, and communicate Symposium details and agendas.


Royal LePage Relocation Services – Direct Marketing Online

This site was built to tie in directly to a synchronized print-based direct marketing campaign. Deeper content and information was delivered online, which allowed the print pieces to be more promotional and inviting. The site was delivered via the Joomla framework to facilitate rapid deployment, and to provide the client with an easy to use, economical method to maintain and administer the campaign for the duration. Read the case study here, and feel free to visit the site here.