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Launch plans in place

Someone Editions: specialty fine printing services and product

We're regrouping and revitalizing.

Specialty printing and production, our designers' hands on, artful medium is now contained in its own arena: Someone Editions is soon to be moving to its own online store this Fall.

Designed to use the innovative directions and processes to extend the specialty print medium to its fullest, along with foil, die cut, duplex and other innovative treatments, we'll continue to produce 'the papers we keep' including truly distinct:

  • announcements, invitations
  • business cards and promotional productions: portfolios, record sleeves...
  • new literary work, chapbooks and broadsides, custom print and paper-based gifts


Dreadnaught and Someone Editions vintage books and ephemera will remain accessible at the new store as well, for discerning publishing enthusiasts and collectors.

We're weeks from launch - just sayin'

Deborah Barnett

Director, Someone


Limited edition - Year of the Quiet Sun by Ludwig Zeller

Year of the Quiet Sun is a fine art letterpress folio of unpublished collages by Ludwig Zeller.

This will be a limited edition run of 36 full folios, with additional copies of individual prints for framing. Through the collection, Someone Editions will print Zeller’s poetry, in both the Spanish original and in English translation by A. F. Moritz. Someone Editions will be designing, letterpress printing, and publishing this folio in as many solid colors as each original collage requires, to faithfully represent Zeller's art.

As promised, here is the Kickstarter link. You can pre-order prints and full folios at our Kickstarter page, where you can find a wide array of related rewards for pledges at any level. Take advantage of this opportunity to be part of print history, and enjoy pre-production prices on Someone's expert letterpress printing of Ludwig Zeller’s work. Choose rewards from prospectuses to posters and even T-shirts commemorating this momentous production.

In keeping with fine print tradition, the 4 colour letterpress printed Year of the Quiet Sun prospectus will be available as a commemorative collector’s item. For a digital version [pdf] of the prospectus click here.

Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing program. This means we need to reach our goal of $9,500 in the 41 days remaining. Someone Editions needs your help to create this fine art collection - This amazing collection of prints will not exist without your support.

Join in making Ludwig Zeller’s work more accessible and become a participant in fine-print history.

As the creative director at Someone Editions and director of the atelier at, I invite you to be in touch for more information.


Become a participant in fine-print history

Our Year of the Quiet Sun project is finally off the ground!

As promised, here is the link to follow in order to see our Ludwig Zeller collaboration and peruse the numerous exclusive rewards available in exchange for your participation.

There are a number of prints, originals, books and broadsides available, some vintage and some recent. In keeping with fine art tradition, the 4 colour printed prospectus will be available as a commemorative collector’s item.

We are 17 days into our Kickstarter campaign for Year of the Quiet Sun. We have 7 lucky backers supporting us thus far, thank you to those who have committed their support to our project.

For those of you who are not familiar with Kickstarter, it is an all-or-nothing program.

This means we need to reach our goal of $9,500 in the 43 days remaining. Otherwise, we will be continuing the search for this modest funding to effectively and expertly produce this fine art collection.

This amazing collection of prints will remain unseen without your support. Join in making Ludwig Zeller’s work more accessible and become a participant in fine-print history.


Kickstarter Campaign for Year of the Quiet Sun

Someone Editions, headed up by Deborah Barnett and Beatriz Hausner, invites you to join our fine print production team in kicking off the atelier's Kickstarter campaign for Year of the Quiet Sun, a formidable collection of letterpress printed collages and poetry by Ludwig Zeller.

Generous praise for this project, among much more flattery, includes an all-important quote from collector and rare bookseller, Nicky Drumbolis:

“A focal work by a renowned world-class artist faithfully and painstakingly produced by one of the pre-eminent fine presses in our history... this project deserves our support. It will reflect back on our culture with increasing appreciation. Ludwig Zeller is without a doubt, one of the truly great artists of our time. I say seize the time.”

Check out the Kickstarter page and take advantage of the opportunity to be part of print history. Enjoy pre-production prices on Someone's expert letterpress printing of the amazing collages of world-renowned Ludwig Zeller.

Be in touch to receive a FREE copy of our letterpress printed prospectus including a limited edition reproduction of a Zeller original.

In support of this extraordinary endeavor, please like our page on Facebook, and follow us on twitter.

Keep in touch and follow along as we launch a Kickstarter pitch for this project this week.



Someone Editions is Dreadnaught Press, reinvented. Deborah Barnett and Beatriz Hausner head up the team of creatives, focusing on publishing fine art books that highlight both visual art and literary traditions. Expanding the reach of contemporary print culture, Someone uses traditional letterpress printing and design expertise to create new methods of print and publishing.

Deborah Barnett is the creative director for Someone studio, and a founding member of the studio in its previous incarnation as Dreadnaught. As publisher, she is the heart of Someone Editions. Deborah will be leading this project and executing the vision of a stunning fine art book with a focus on art, poetry, and the history and appreciation of letterpress techniques. Deborah heads up a team of experts in a wide array of related disciplines. With a unique insight for fine art in a digital age, she will be overseeing the design and print production of the folio.

Beatriz Hausner is a poet whose work is rooted in the legacy of international surrealism. She has edited many publications, including the SomeoneWater Series and several issues of the journal Open Letter. Recent poetry books include: Sew Him Up (2010), Enter the Raccoon (2012), La costurera y el muñeco viviente/The Seamstress and the Living Doll (2012). Beatriz was a publisher of Quattro Books from 2006-2012 and is a seasoned editor and translator. She lives in Toronto. As Editor of Year of the Quiet Sun and will be finalizing all editorial components.

Dreadnaught Press was founded in the 1970’s by Robert MacDonald, Elizabeth Abraham, Ross MacDonald, David Jang and Deborah Barnett.  A fine printing cooperative, it brought together artists and designers who wanted to publish poetry. Letterpress equipment was becoming readily accessible as the printing industry changed, and the Dreadnaught team put together a working pressroom. They were the first incorporated worker co-op in Canada.

'In the mid-1970s I had the good fortune to be introduced to the principals at Dreadnaught, a group of about four individuals obsessed with excellence in design and relief printing.

At a time when the mainstream media were trumpeting the merits—nay, the very salvation of mankind--which would soon be wrought by computers and all things digital, Dreadnaught persevered in creating exquisite examples of the letterpress book arts, in creating masterpieces of page and type design. Dreadnaught’s work was praised to the skies by, among others, Alan Fleming, the man who I believe was the finest designer that Canada has ever produced; Alan’s endorsement of Dreadnaught was unequivocal when I met him to ask if he felt I was well-advised to do editorial work with the group.


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