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Recent Work

Alongside our commercial work, Someone maintains a letterpress and type collection, collected over 35 years.

We design, print and bind fine press books and ephemera with the participation of an authentic master printer and several well-seasoned apprentices. While the process is exacting and demanding, our fine print group is eager to publish and produce print collectibles, employing our museum-grade collection of lead and wood type and our secret stash of local and imported fine papers and archival leather.

And at Someone, because we’re designers, we continuously explore the possibilities of merging old and new technologies to produce ‘original’ graphic products.


Video on Letterpress: someone:water series

On Dundas West, we've shifted for a few days, from the usual rock-and-roll of the letterpress, pounding out posters, greeting cards, business cards, announcements and invitations for wedding and events, to producing video trailers for our own limited edition publishing collection, someone:water. collaborated with our summer intern, film student Dexter Case, who has signed up as our series videographer, to add installments of each production in the collection of 9 broadsides scheduled for release in 2012.

someone:water two We Are All Bodies of Water Make Ready



Someone Water II - We Are All Bodies of Water

Launch: Sunday 14 August 2011, at the Naco Gallery Cafe, 1665 Dundas Street West - 4pm. The author, editor, designer and printer will be in attendance - with a live reading, theatrical presentation, video projection and dj Echo - we hope to see you there!, with editor Beatriz Hausner is proud to present We Are All Bodies of Water by Astrida Neimanis.

"Our planetary water is increasingly polluted, commodified, instrumentalized. If we could become alive to the fact that our main social interface is this water we all share, what new ways of thinking, writing, being, might be cultivated? What would we give back?,” Astrida asks.We Are All Bodies of Water - Someone Water Series, Two


Letterpress Business Cards for Warehouse 13

The team at Someone was asked to produce a quick turnaround, limited run of letterpress printed cards for the SyFy Network's Warehouse 13 Season 3 which is currently in production in Toronto. Of course, we were thrilled – letterpress business cards in the land of HD film and television... you just can't Photoshop that! The cards were hand-printed on Fine Art Etching, a luxurious heavy 100% cotton cover, single colour from a photo-polymer plate. With some careful make-ready, we hit this paper as hard as we could, just to the point where the paper started to ripple and then backed it off a little. We're pretty pleased with the result – keep an eye out on Season 3, to see the cards in action.

Diane K. Snow Letterpress Cards


Solidarity of Spirit

Freegypt, small letterpress poster

Egypt broke centuries old oppression with feet on the ground, old-school/new-school communications web 2.0 technological mash-ups, brave hearts and the solidarity of like minds. Someone produced this tribute, recording the moment, standing for the movement and marking the occasion as the beginning of the revolutions for freedom of the 'Arab Spring' of 2011.

A hand printed letterpress poster, produced in a limited run of 22 copies, with Antique Tuscan (c.1854, wood type) for the display and an antique Grecian border. This edition was produced with a split fount, so each proof is slightly distinct in the mix of blue and green inks used. Copies are now available online in the store, and at the shop in Toronto.


For all seasons

Heart-felt appreciation produced this elegantly crafted card inspired by art director Aaron Benson. Printed in two colours on French Arches Cover (100% Cotton), it speaks quietly and sincerely, acknowledging achievements, rewards and accomplishments; it attends celebrations and connects the sender with the joy of the moment. Tender, statuesque and sophisticated, Joanna, the typeface designed by Eric Gill and employed here, lends its grace and stature with no need of cymbals crashing!

Congratulations Card


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