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Recent Work

Alongside our commercial work, Someone maintains a letterpress and type collection, collected over 35 years.

We design, print and bind fine press books and ephemera with the participation of an authentic master printer and several well-seasoned apprentices. While the process is exacting and demanding, our fine print group is eager to publish and produce print collectibles, employing our museum-grade collection of lead and wood type and our secret stash of local and imported fine papers and archival leather.

And at Someone, because we’re designers, we continuously explore the possibilities of merging old and new technologies to produce ‘original’ graphic products.


Christmas at Someone

In December while the store opened to its new community on Dundas Street West, Someones produced Christmas cheer of their own! Digging into our engraving archives, Santa was found sneaking around chimneys!

A limited edition of 100 cards was produced for the season and many of them found homes, carried warm greetings and hopefully delivered smiles all round!

And a Merry Christmas was had by all!


Someone’s fine art printing shop adds prestige

Not only are Someone’s principal artists and owners seasoned veterans and leaders in today's, and vintage applications for letterpress, the studio also creates full digital and print identities, marketing strategy and implementation, and interactive, e-commerce and CMS-enabled web sites.

Printing while Moving


Someone expands into new storefront

New Neighbourhood; New Studio Workshop, New Presses

Someone bought the building at 1691 Dundas Street West in October, and set about strengthening the floor in the storefront there to bear the tens of thousands of pounds of weight and activity of their letterpress operation. The new Victorian era storefront is wheel chair accessible and offers Someone a chance to share the craft of letterpress printing and hand bindery, and be part of the growing Dundas West arts attractions.

The New Neighbours


Searching for the Dream

When a fireman from Richmond BC read The Water Trader's Dream by Robert Priest, a broadside from our literary press archives, his passion to own a copy was ignited.

His order was added to a short list of collectors watching for our backlist items to be posted in the Store Delving into previously inaccessible shelving has revealed small quantities of perfectly preserved Water Trader's Dream and other fine print objets d'art: A Story of The Cumaean Sibyl and Eurydice.


Impresshorium - video from the installation

The video for Impresshorium is finaaaaly here – it's been a very busy year.

The piece was an installation for Nuit Blanche in Toronto in 2009, exhibiting a two storey video projection shot from a camera mounted on our 1950's Fag Standard proofing press. On press was a broadside featuring the poem, The Shore, by A.F Moritz, alongside a collaborative illustration produced by Susana Wald and Deborah Barnett.

In the video, you see Deborah printing the first colour and Aaron printing the second, along with a shot of the projection outside.

Big things are happening at Someone, keep your eyes peeled for upcoming events and new editions from the press (or you can subscribe to our new RSS feeds, for all the news, as it happens).


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