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Someone builds its Sidelines projects collaboratively.

Working together with creatives from a range of disciplines, Someone is developing new projects that bridge new and old media forms - in print and online. Search through the articles below to find out more about the amazing people behind these efforts.


Ludwig Zeller unites with Someone Editions

Ludwig Zeller is widely known for his contribution to the art of collage, and for his poetry, the influence of which reach well beyond the sphere of international surrealism. Zeller has published over 70 books of poetry, several poetry chapbooks, and six books of collage. Someone runs a letterpress operation in downtown Toronto where we are housed alongside our extensive movable type collection.


Someone Collaborates with Acclaimed Writer Mark Anderson

This fall, Someone is proud to announce a collaboration with acclaimed technical and technology writer Mark Anderson – as part of an expanded offering to corporate clients. Together we’ll be working with firms looking to make powerful, persuasive and eye-catching white papers, annual reports, case studies, sustainability reports and other branding and marketing materials. We'd be pleased to add your company to our list of valued clients.

Mark is a powerful copywriter with 20 years experience. He’s written for most of the major science and technology publications today (including Wired, Technology Review, Discover, New Scientist and Popular Mechanics). Anderson has been creating compelling copy that draws in savvy and lay readers and reaches out to a wide community of thought leaders. In 2009, for instance, he scored the scoop of the Apple fanboy world when he profiled the team and the technology behind the chip that a few months later powered Apple’s revolutionary new iPad. “It was like winning Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket,” he jokes today.

"Mark is able to take complicated subjects and make them accessible for the average reader, without dumbing the subject down. He does his research and is very easy to work with—sometimes on short deadlines. I'd definitely recommend him!"
Sarah Elbert, Executive Editor, Delta Sky Magazine

Anderson’s a quick study, has a knack for drilling down to the stories that readers — and customers — want to know. Combine his “exciting” (Publisher’s Weekly) and “compelling” (Chicago Sun-Times) copy with Someone’s elegant and arresting design, for a team


Year of the Quiet Sun

Someone Editions is thrilled to be creating a folio of prints, Year of the Quiet Sun. This will be a limited edition run of 62 folios with artists' proofs, hand printed, signed and numbered. Year of the Quiet Sun will contain 18 unpublished collages by formidable Ludwig Zeller. Throughout the folio we will print Zeller’s poetry, taken from his vast body of work, in the Spanish original and in English translation by A.F. Moritz.

Ludwig Zeller is world-renowned as a wonderful and highly unusual Chilean-Canadian poet and artist. His contributions have been unique and irreplaceable to Spanish-language poetry and international Surrealism, and he has published more than 40 poetry collections, some 50 poetry chapbooks and five books of collages.

He has become an icon of the art of surrealist collage, thanks to having pushed the technique of collage farther than anyone has until now. Instead of cutting and pasting paper into background and foreground, as Max Ernst invented, Zeller deconstructs original engravings of flora, fauna, landscapes, and technical drawings, only to build and construct new images, to startling effect.



Someone Collaborates for the 2009 Nuit Blanche Installation

Someone has drawn together the work of celebrated artists, poets, and creatives, to produce an installation for the all-night Toronto arts event, Nuit Blanche, including A. F. Moritz, Susana Wald, Beatriz Hausner, Ludwig Zeller, and Deborah Barnett.