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Press History

Our private press and our type collection has been assembled over the past 35 years, and has grown to be one of the largest working collections of wood and hot metal types in Canada. Our studio moved to Old Cabbagetown in Toronto in 2001 and the press has been in action for the past two years.

Current members of Someone were the publishers and creators behind hundreds of limited edition broadsides, collectables, books and ephemera under the former Dreadnaught Press imprint. That press had the pleasure of working with a host of distinguished editors to produce editions of poetry for some of the most important writers and illustrators of the time. Selected volumes included the 96-page Whale Sound and 52 Pickup – a folio consisting of 52 individual broadsides.

We'll be posting some photos shortly to show off samples of fancy type, along with images of the press itself.


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