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In the playing cards styled box, are 52 broadsides, flat or folded to one common size. Each week in 1976, one of the broadsides was to be printed; each of 52 poems by the day’s young authors was to benefit from an original design layout, employing illustrations, paper, ink colours, typefaces and treatments gathered together specifically to expand and further the message and attitude of the writing. A fantastic collection this amazing fine print sampler was produced, illustrating the dedication of Dreadnaught designers – to be in service to words worthy of reproduction.

Card Box made from Andrew Smith O Handmade paper in Toronto Contains 52 broadsides with cover page, and elaborately detailed colophon page Flat or folded to 5 x 6.5 x 1.25” Printed at Dreadnaught, Toronto, Canada. 1976. In a signed and numbered edition 
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