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Design Notes

Some stories allow us to talk about the way we solved our clients' marketing, brand and communications needs.  When the solution contains a particularly innovative process or combination of approaches, a new tool or a newly configured use of a plug-in, we want to brag about being out in front, on our toes and meeting the new types of challenges that find their way to our door. Check out the design team's stories of accomplishment and problem-solving cues!


Angle Furniture and all that Jazz!

Lailia Biali's manager from Webster media consulting contacted Someone to develop a letterpress poster for the jazz singer and pianist.


Foster Child Play explores relief plate options

Alex Napier of the Toronto based Island School group came to Someone in the summer of 2010 with an idea of how she wanted her current production's promotional poster to work for her. She needed a large print poster that would stand out as something completely unusual, contemporary, upbeat and – most important – it must cut through the chaos of downtown street life and make a visually powerful statement.

Alex knew something of letterpress and had decided already that the texture and ambiance delivered via the recently popularized medium would both suit her production and be attractive to the precise audience she felt would be most interested in her work.

Foster Child Play

Foster Child Play was an amazing success, and the posters still get comments!


Inclusive Crow Letterpress cards

Inclusive Crow is a new business, developed specifically to enable companies and organizations to build sustainable environmental initiatives. The owner Stacie Constantine, came to Someone looking for a visual identity that would clearly communicate her message, and would tightly integrate between her print and web communications.


Impresshorium, mixing up design technology for Nuit Blanche 2009

For Nuit Blanche 2009, Someone set out to create an installation that would combine traditional and contemporary design techniques and technology - the result: "Impresshorium." Coinciding with the event, the fine print object that we're producing will mark the launch of a new series from the Someone press - Someone: Water.

A living archive, a meshing of the earliest letter-press tools and the latest digital design techniques.... Someone: Water sets out to bring into being printed objects, not just artifacts exemplary of past and present technologies, but as art of lasting depth and expressive power...

This event is promoted and support by the team putting together the Cabbagetown arm of Nuit Blanche 2009 – so if you're in the area between dusk and dawn on Saturday October 3rd, stop in. There are also more than a dozen other fantastic installations planned - so don't miss out. Drop by Winchester and Parliament to pick up a map.


Using Joomla for a rapid build

With Someone's professional programmers at your fingertips, the impossible becomes possible. 

Take a look at - this Joomla site was built in less than five days, and delivers maximum efficiency. While certainly not a content rich site by any stretch, the features that the client needs can be quickly added as components onto Joomla. The client is assured that their site will be able to expand and change flexibly as needed while they build presence on and offline with their regional customers.