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Jacqueline Barnett

program director, instructional designer, medical consultant, and creative long-distance educational program director

She develops complex content into organized packages of information that can be understood by her audiences.

Jacqueline majored in program management and instructional design while earning her Master of Arts (MA, RN)  in distributed learning. Following her education, she led the roll out of the first provincial certified blended training for health care providers in STIHIV clinical care.

She is currently using her skills for the conceptualization, design, and delivery of on-line and classroom Adult Immunization Training for the Correctional Services of Canada, as well as comprehensive HIV Screening and Prevention training for their health care providers.

Jacqueline works as a consultant with the University of British Columbia Nursing Program and the BC College of Registered Nurses to assist with the extension of their current online self-directed learning programs. She is applying her content development and program-directing skills into ever broader national and international ehealth applications, and works with Someone as a consultant informing industry-related and interactive educational experiences.

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